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Successful Interviewing: Part 6 – Last Thoughts and the Follow-up

Last Thoughts and the Follow-up

Interviewing the Interviewer

There is one other consideration the candidates sometime forget during the interviewing process: Make sure you like them as much as they like you. Keep in mind during the process, that you have to ask good questions, make observations, and conduct research (through employees that work there, Internet articles and discussions, financial data) so that you are well-educated on the company.

Just be sure to maintain your enthusiasm while collecting this data. Sometimes the information you have can slant your thoughts on the company, but you need to weigh out all the pro’s and con’s before deciding if this is the company for you. In the meanwhile, assume it is your ideal job and keep in mind, you cannot turn down an offer you do not have. You goal is first to get an offer, and then to decide if you should take it based on the information you gathered during the process.


Sending thank you notes is still appreciated by hiring managers. It sends the signal that you are truly thankful for their time and interested in the job. If the process is going to execute quickly, you may have to send an email. Even with an email, you can construct a short note as an attachment that seems a little more personal than putting your text in the body of the email.

Based on the timeline you were given, there is no harm in following up with the appropriate contact to see how the process is going.

The Last Thoughts

IS739-009The interviewing process does not have to be intimidating. It is much like going to a party and introducing yourself to new people and telling them all about you. An interview is just a little more formal and takes a lot more preparation. In both cases, you exchange information to convince each other you are a good fit to continue a relationship.

As long as you follow the outlined steps in this white paper, you should be in a great position to have a successful exchange of information. Whether or not you are the right fit, your interviewers will have all the right information to make an educated decision about you. And you will have all the right information to make an educated decision about them.

This series of articles on Successful Interviewing is also available as an eBook on the A-List Solutions web site.  Click this link for a free download:  get eBook now.


March 15, 2009 - Posted by | Careers, Interviewing 101, Job Search

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