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Setting Goals: Do It or Get Passed

Whether managing your career, your job search, or even your personal life, goals play an important role is achieving new heights.  062

I recently wrote a blog post as my alter ego, The Bike Whisperer, on setting goals in cycling.  The parallels to life “out of the saddle” seem pretty clear to me.  Take a look at the post and see if you agree: The Secret is Setting Goals.


July 30, 2009 - Posted by | Careers, General Musings, Guest Post, Job Search

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  1. I especially espouse telling everyone you know about your goal. Beyond the importance of committing yourself because you told everyone and that’s a huge incentive to not go back on your word, hearing yourself say it circles it right back around and adds repeated auditory mental impressions. It’s just like advertising, hear it and see it enough times, eventually you’re eating or wearing it. Combine that with writing it down (by hand not typing)many times and posting it all over the place (fridge, bathroom mirror, wallet, etc.) and you add visual impressions to further hard wire it in your brain.

    More people will ace those hills following your advice Jeff.

    Comment by Karla Porter | August 2, 2009 | Reply

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