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Career Comebacks are Tough–Just Ask Lance Armstrong

j0399263Coming out of “retirement” to compete at the highest level is no simple matter.  Seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, has recently shown that there is a lot required to stage a strong comeback.

In your career, you may have had long stretches of similar success. Then, the unexpected. Perhaps a layoff or a merger. Set backs happen to even the best.

How you respond to the setback is what sets you apart from others. Take some pages out of Lance’s playbook to ensure a solid career comeback.

Article:  The Career Comeback Can Be Tough–Just Ask Lance Armstrong

Dec 21, 2014 Addendum:  Clearly things have changed on the image of Lance Armstrong, but don’t lose sight of the actual message of this article… JL


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Money Magazine Article on Working with Recruiters

Betsy Goldberg of Money magazine wrote an informative article in the March 2010 edition for job seekers who wish to work with recruiters (Titled: Get a Leg Up on Your Job Search).  She interviewed me as part of her research. You’ll find a lot of advice in the article I agree with (including my quote below).

Strategies discussed:

  • Finding the Right Recruiters
  • How to Make Initial Contact
  • Maintaining the Relationship

My quote on making contact:


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