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2009-10 Dice Tech Salary Survey Results

In the face of nearly flat salaries for tech professionals – a one percent increase in average pay to $78,845 – technology professionals cited an increase in salary dissatisfaction, according to the 2009-10 Annual Salary Survey from Dice. Further, technology professionals were disappointed with efforts by employers to keep them motivated via non-compensation related incentives during the recession.

Close to half (47%) say their employers are doing nothing to keep them motivated; just 19 percent are being offered more interesting or challenging assignments, and 14 percent are benefiting from more flexible work hours. Nearly a quarter (24%) of surveyed tech professionals said that they received a bonus last year. But those who didn’t receive bonuses reported higher levels – at 42 percent – of dissatisfaction with their compensation, than their rewarded colleagues of which just a quarter (27%) were displeased.

Technology salaries are up four percent in Washington, D.C. to $89,014. In fact, technology pros in the Government and Defense sector enjoyed a 4.4 percent average increase – nearly equal to last year’s overall 4.6 percent surge in salaries. Silicon Valley still reigns as one of the top metro areas to work in, with a reported average IT salary of $96,299. New York City reported a 1.5 percent increase in average salaries to $86,710, similar to the wage increase reported nationally in financial services.

Continuing to lead the pack in top paid skills is ABAP – Advanced Business Application Programming ($115,916), followed by SOA – Service Oriented Architecture ($107,827), and ETL – Extract Transform and Load ($105,844).

Additional Findings of the Survey Include:
• Seattle technology professionals earned $84,144 on average, an increase of nearly two percent. Dallas tech pros gained on their counterparts in Austin, with a two percent gain to $78,438. However, Austin-based pros still have fatter paychecks, on average earning $81,503, a slight decline year-over-year.
• Applications server skills JBoss and Weblogic joined the $100,000 salary ranks with annual salaries topping $101,869 and $100,313, respectively. Individuals with Solaris ($96,672) and AIX ($95,464) skills were the highest paid operating system skills.
• The highest paid titles include IT Management ($114,874), Information Architecture ($105,247), Project Manager ($103,437), Software Engineer ($91,342), and Database Administrator ($91,283).

Position Elimination 24%
Keeping Skills Up-to-Date / Being Valuable to Employer 17%
Lower Salary Increases / Lower Billing Rates 15%
Canceled Projects / Fewer Projects 15%
Increased Workload 11%
Increased Outsourcing 5%
Position Relocation 3%
No Concerns at this Time 10%


Listed under each title are the figures for  2009-10 and Previous Year % Change (for previous years, see 2008-09 Survey data).

IT Management (CEO, CIO, CTO, VP, Dir., Strategist, Architect):  $114,874 2.6%

Information Architecture:  $105,247 n/a

Project Manager:  $103,437 0.0%

Software Engineer:  $91,342 1.5%

Database Administrator:  $91,283 1.7%

MIS Manager:  $89,741 -3.8%

Developer: Applications:  $86,663 2.4%

Security Analyst/Architect/Engineer:  $86,499 -0.3%

Business Analyst:  $85,306 -0.7%

Developer: Database: $81,735 -2.9%

Technical Writer: $75,028 1.7%

Programmer/Analyst: $74,333 -0.7%

Quality Assurance (QA) Tester:  $72,911 5.5%

Network Engineer:  $72,609 0.2%

Systems Administrator:  $71,576 1.8%

Web Developer/Programmer:  $66,500 -4.8%

Technical Support:  $51,193 2.5%

Desktop Support Specialist:  $47,026 1.5%

Help Desk:  $39,774 -5.2%


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