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Linking In to Recruiters

It amazes me that some job seekers still haven’t discovered LinkedIn.  Even with all the buzz about Social Media, it is easy to filter at least this one nugget from all the advice:  LinkedIn connects you to recruiters.  And job leads.  And sales leads.  And sure, all your old colleagues.  Even if you’re not looking for a job now, you may be some day.

I was visiting my alma mater last month and dropped in to my fraternity house to see if I could offer any help or advice to college students.  A few wanted to extra counseling on job search and I told them they have a golden opportunity to start their “on-line” network at the very beginning of their careers (unlike the older folks like me, who had to work backwards once LinkedIn came around).  I told them to LinkIn with every colleague they meet.  Even during internships (you never know where those past colleagues may be after graduation).

Obviously, LinkingIn with recruiters is essential to being “findable” on the web.  Not 100% critical (good ones will still find you on LinkedIn), but it does accelerate the process at times.  At minimum, it connects you to them (beyond their company’s application tracking system).  If they move to another company, you move with them.

Read more on this topic in my latest article for

Article: Are You LinkedIn to Recruiters?


May 4, 2010 - Posted by | Job Search, article, Social Media, Working with Recruiters

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