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Are Your Recruiters Naughty or Nice?

In any profession, there are good representatives and not-so-good ones.  Recruiters are no different.  As job seekers, first you need to understand how to work with recruiters and what they do.  Then you must find the ones who can offer the right connections to job opportunities.  As employers, one must find the recruiters who fit your business culture and who are experts at the type of positions who often hire. 

Once you find the best ones, you should maintain a long-term relationship with them.  Although recruiters deal with hundreds of people every year, there are always some special candidates who stay close to top of a recruiter’s list of A-List Candidates.  And there are certain clients who recruiters suggest new talent to when they feel there is a fit (even when there may not be an open position yet).

This is a perfect time of year to strengthen or rekindle a relationship with a recruiter.  Read my latest article for and find out how to do it right.  Hopefully, you have a few on your “Nice List.”

Article: Are Recruiters on Your Holiday Card List?

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December 7, 2010 - Posted by | General Musings, article, Working with Recruiters

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