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Being Virtually Connected

We all know networking leads to interviewing for jobs. Who you know and who they know can connect you to all types of hiring managers, recruiters, and human resources professionals. There are old-fashioned ways of networking that still work today, but the standard in on-line networking has been fairly entrenched around LinkedIn (your online resume), Facebook (see BranchOut application), personal blogs (which usually include a resume if you’re looking), Twitter (search on #jobs), and even location-based social networking, like FourSquare.

With this standard in place, you can bet that recruiters are pouring over Social Media portals to “meet” new candidates. It surprises me when I find profiles on these sites that tell me little about the person’s professional career.  Read this article for AOL to learn more on how to network or be found on the Internet using these key networking tools.

Article: Networking Tip: Are You Connected to the Hiring Community?


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March 8, 2011 - Posted by | AOL article, Job Search, Social Media, Working with Recruiters

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