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Are You Going to Eat That? The Lunch Interview Challenge.

ribs I’m not a big fan of the breakfast or lunch interview. Perhaps for an all-day, meet-tons-of-people type of interview, a meal might serve as a nice break from the standard format. However, I’ve been witness to many interviews where the only meeting is at a dining table. Why am I not a fan of the mealtime interview? A simple rule my mom taught me years ago: Don’t talk with your mouth full.

I’m sure you can provide your own tips for interviewing while eating.  Feel free to add comments to add to my list of tips on lunch or breakfast interviews.

Article:  Are You Going to Eat That … During an Interview? How to Handle a Lunch Interview


March 29, 2011 - Posted by | AOL article, Interviewing 101

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  1. Take small bites. That way you can respond to a question or converse in just a moment instead of having to awkwardly chew for a few seconds before emptying your mouth.

    Don’t order a large meal. Since you are the interviewee, you will be talking about one half the time versus .5/(# of interviewers)

    In general stay calm and confident. Ask questions and follow up questions when appropriate. Get a little bit of small talk unrelated to the job in there too.

    Comment by Bryan B | May 21, 2011 | Reply

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