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Job Interview Techniques

I know there are hundreds of articles on job interviewing (and likely lots of overlap), but here’s one more that compiles some of my thoughts on interview prep and types of questions you’ll be asked with other expert advice on controlling your interview.  Within the article there are lots of links to other aspects that might interest you.

Article: Smart Executive Job Interview Techniques from the Experts


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Virtually Reality

When social media reputation was becoming a component of our professional image, I wrote an article to advise job seekers to monitor and manage their social media behaviors.  Recently, asked me to update this article to address how hiring companies currently view this “aspect of your character.”  The simple truth is social media reputation is here to stay, and companies can use it in their hiring decisions–if they follow some simple guidelines.  Take a look at this article to get the bigger picture.

Article:  How Your Social Media Reputation Impacts Hiring Decisions

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