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Are You Going to Eat That? The Lunch Interview Challenge.

ribs I’m not a big fan of the breakfast or lunch interview. Perhaps for an all-day, meet-tons-of-people type of interview, a meal might serve as a nice break from the standard format. However, I’ve been witness to many interviews where the only meeting is at a dining table. Why am I not a fan of the mealtime interview? A simple rule my mom taught me years ago: Don’t talk with your mouth full.

I’m sure you can provide your own tips for interviewing while eating.  Feel free to add comments to add to my list of tips on lunch or breakfast interviews.

Article:  Are You Going to Eat That … During an Interview? How to Handle a Lunch Interview

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Being Virtually Connected

We all know networking leads to interviewing for jobs. Who you know and who they know can connect you to all types of hiring managers, recruiters, and human resources professionals. There are old-fashioned ways of networking that still work today, but the standard in on-line networking has been fairly entrenched around LinkedIn (your online resume), Facebook (see BranchOut application), personal blogs (which usually include a resume if you’re looking), Twitter (search on #jobs), and even location-based social networking, like FourSquare.

With this standard in place, you can bet that recruiters are pouring over Social Media portals to “meet” new candidates. It surprises me when I find profiles on these sites that tell me little about the person’s professional career.  Read this article for AOL to learn more on how to network or be found on the Internet using these key networking tools.

Article: Networking Tip: Are You Connected to the Hiring Community?


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Are You Positive You Want This Job?

Have you noticed I’m on a little bit of a rant lately with my posts about job seekers.  I absolutely hate to pick on them as their job is so difficult and I don’t expect them to be experts.  After all, if they were experts at job searching and interviewing, that would imply they do it often (not a good indicator of a loyal employee).

But, some recent events have prompted me to identify more pitfalls job seekers fall into.  Practically on a daily basis from my perspective.  If you are applying for jobs, talking with recruiters, or interviewing, please read my latest article for AOL.

Article:  Are You Sure You Want This Job?

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Confidence to the Edge of Cockiness

Time and time again, I remind job seekers that your attitude in the interview can make or break your chances of getting the job. Keep in mind though that, “attitude” covers a lot of ground. Job seekers are reminded to keep a positive demeanor on interviews.  Attitude also encompasses projecting an air of confidence during interviews.  However, there can be a danger if it borders on cockiness. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some are not comfortable with listing their accomplishments as it sounds like bragging.

Managing this gray area of an interview can be tricky. But if simple guidelines are followed, you don’t have to worry about taking it too far.

Article:  Interview Confidence to the Edge of Cockiness

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Remember Job Seekers: You Are a Community

When in the job search, you can often feel isolated.  After all, you are the CEO of Find-A-New-Job, Inc.  No one is going to be more responsible for the search than you.  I’ve blogged about this before, but it bears repeating:  Although you are in charge of the search, make sure you leverage all your resources.

Also keep in mind, you are part of a bigger community.  There are many who have learned some hard lessons about the job search or who have coached those of us in it.  You need to take advantage of that network of knowledge to ensure you’re doing everything you can to land a great job.

One such community is Margo Rose’s HireFriday Twitter Group.  I recently took part in their weekly on-line discussion and there was plenty of good ideas and advice shared with job seekers.

Take a look at my latest article for AOL to see some of this conversation and get connected to #HFChat and #HireFriday on Twitter for more details:

Article:  The Job Search Expert is YOU!


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You’re Only Human … and So Are Interviewers

You likely have heard that interviewing is like dating. Or interviewing is a complex dance with lots of steps. The translation: Interviewing is a unique conversation where there seem to be many rules and traps that could lead to failure. You can interview almost perfectly and still not get the job. So this prompts the question:  If I’m a superstar on paper and meet all the requirements, why didn’t they hire me?  Perhaps, it was the other major requirement:  Because the boss has to LIKE you.

Read more on this reality in interviewing in my latest article for AOL:

Article:  You’re Only Human … and so Are Interviewers

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Panel Interviews: They’re Better Than You Might Think

It seems whenever I set up a panel interview for a job seeker, he or she groans, “Not a panel interview! I’d rather meet each interviewer one-on-one.” Many job seekers seem to have a fear of being interviewed by several people at once. In reality, panel interviews have many advantages. You actually may be better-suited for this style of interview.  Check out my article for AOL for more on this topic:

Article:  Panel Interviews: What’s Not to Like?

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As Great As You Are….What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

One of my favorite oxymorons: “greatest weakness.”

When in an interview, your job is to present all your strengths, why you’re a great fit for the job, and how you could make an immediate impact to the company’s success. But often during the discussion, you’re asked about your faults, your skills lacking, your downside.  There are many ways to approach this where some work well and some don’t.  Take a look at my latest article for AOL for thoughts on this subject.

Article:  What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

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A New Start in Your Job Search

For those in an active search for a new job, a new year can be refreshing. Or it could be more of the same. It is up to you.

Many job seekers are frustrated with the process, the advice, and the results. I can’t say I blame them. It is a tough process. And one we don’t necessarily want to become an expert at through repetitive practice.  Unfortunately a long job search can lead to a bad attitude about the search itself. And then, you’re in a downward spiral as the bad attitude can dictate a poor performance.

So how does one break out of the viscous circle?  You must try something different. You must begin with a positive attitude and see the new year as a fresh start.  My first article of 2011 for AOL shares some things to think about as you progress your search in the new year.

Article:  A New Year–A New Start in Your Job Search

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Don’t Regift Your Talents

MP900422656[1] We’ve all been through the drill after the holidays. All the presents are unwrapped, scrutinized, and then some are….returned. Or regifted. Certainly if a gift can find a better home, you should send it on to its rightful owner. The gift-giver took their best shot at predicting what you might like and missed. No harm, no foul. Although, if we don’t like the gift, how likely is it that someone else will?

In the job search, you need to be careful about regifting yourself. This means to be selective about how you present yourself and to whom.  Find out more about this in this short article I wrote for AOL.

Article: It’s Alright to Regift Presents, But Not Your Talents

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