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What Not to Ask Your Interviewer

Recently I wrote an AOL article for job seekers on the types of questions to ask during an interview and I realized that I had hardly touched on the issue of “what not to ask”. As stated in my previous article, it’s essential that you ask questions in the preliminary interview that provide the hiring manager with insight into who you are. These questions should produce a thoughtful discussion, and not simple answers. If you are deemed a qualified candidate, you’ll have an opportunity later to ask procedural or compensation-related questions.

In this follow-up article is a list of questions that I recommend you do not ask in the first interview. Consider the more appropriate questions (and comments) I’ve provided.

Article:  What Not to Ask Your Interviewer


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Do You Really Want the Job? Hiring Managers Can Tell.

Hiring managers want to hire someone who is excited about the opportunity and truly wants to make a difference at the company. Those who are looking for “any old job” are typically weeded out during the screening process.

So how does one convey a real desire for the job? Or equally important, not that you are just “kicking the tires.” Interviewers gage your interest in several ways: Your body language, your tone, the case you present, and the questions you ask.  Read more about this in my article for AOL Jobs.

Article:  Do You Really Want the Job? Interviewers Can Tell

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Phone Interviews Can Be Harder Than On-Site Interviews, Part 2

MP900443129[1] In my previous article on dealing with phone interview challenges, I discussed tone of voice, good listening skills, monitoring your answers, and wrapping on a high note. One of the biggest limitations of phone interviews is the lack of body language you can provide and read. Without seeing what your interviewer is doing and how they are reacting to your answers, you can be at a disadvantage.

However, there is a way around this. You need to make a connection to the interviewer to make the interview a more comfortable experience for both of you.  Read my latest article for AOL to learn more about this.

Article:  Overcoming the Challenges of the Phone Interview, Part 2

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Do Your New Colleagues Make More Than You?

Salary is one of the most sensitive topics when speaking with potential employers.  Most people realize the interviewing stage is the last time you’ll probably have influence on the amount of your salary. Once hired, your salary is dictated by policy coupled with company and individual performance.

Although this is a common fact, many job seekers lose sight of this during the critical stages of landing the job. The might find out later they are paid less than colleagues in similar positions. The key to avoiding this fate is to be armed with information and be able to sell the value you bring.  More on this topic is covered in my latest article for AOL:

Article:  The Best Time to Negotiate Salary is Before You Land the Job

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Ten Interviewing Tips I Share With My Candidates

There are hundreds of things you can do right and wrong during job interviews.  For the most part, you should focus on simply having a good conversation about a topic you know a lot about (you and what you’ve done), and try to make a genuine connection with the interviewer.  Yes, you should prepare.  Yes, you should have good questions. And yes, there is etiquette involved.  That’s your starting point.  For in-depth advice, I offer the short interviewing guides highlighted in the right column on this blog (for the low, low price of FREE). My latest article for AOL covers small bits of advice I have shared with my candidates on the eve of their interview that are “slightly off the beaten path.”

Article:  10 Things About Interviews Job Seekers Need to Know

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Do You Listen As Much As You Talk?

I came across a gem of advice in an article about interviewing that I whole-heartedly agree with: shut up and listen. Yes, it may seem a little counter-intuitive. After all, you’re the one being interviewed, not them.  But in many cases, candidates need to use the art of listening to have an effective interview.  Read this article to learn why this is so important.

Article:  Listen Up! Silence Speaks Volumes in an Interview

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Phone Interviews Can Be Harder Than On-Site Interviews

Phone interviews are a lot like the kid’s game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You’re blindfolded and hoping you stay on target to win the game. Interviews are tough enough in general, but on the phone, there are some unique challenges in making the right impression. And many ways to make the wrong one.  Check out this article for insights on overcoming the challenges associated with Phone Interviews.

Article:  Overcoming the Challenges of the Phone Interview

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Will You Pass The Test? Pre-Employment Screening

As if landing an interview isn’t hard enough, some job opportunities require a pre-employment screening that can assess candidates before they even present themselves. In some cases these tests reduce the number of candidates for convenience’s sake to the hiring managers; however, in many cases the tests or assessments can filter out candidates who really are not a good fit. Everything from customer service to highly technical jobs require specialized skills and knowledge that can be tested.  See my latest article for advice on this hurdle in the job search process.

Article:  Pre-Employment Screening and Job Testing: Would You Pass?

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Are You Giving It All You Got?

running The job search is hard.  The job search can be long.  The job search can test your limits.  No doubt about it.  Yet, there are still some job seekers who think they can post their resume to lots of job boards and wait for the interview requests to roll in.  Or perhaps, they do a resume blast to 100 random jobs and wait for probability to work to their advantage. 

This is not a job search at high intensity–it is a job search in neutral.  In my latest post for AOL, I couldn’t help but pick on the slow pokes in this race.  Hopefully, you’re not one of them.

Article:  Are You Working Up a Sweat in Your Job Search?

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Searching for a Job in the Real World?

There’s no end the amount of advice available to job seekers. Some of it may seem too generic or theoretical. recently published a job-seeking article based on interviews of several people who shared how they found jobs in the last few months. I believe all the advice is valid but thought I’d expand on their thoughts and give you more ideas to consider.

Article: Real-World Job Search Tips

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