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Tips for Information Technology Interviews

Recently I was interviewed by Peggy McKee, career coach and the CEO of Career Confidential, regarding the challenges of interviewing for an IT-related job.  A great deal of what we discussed applies to all interviews, but IT interviews have the opportunity to dive deep into tool knowledge and project experience.  In this audio file, you’ll hear our thoughts on technical interviews, specifically:

  • Preparing for the interview
  • Typical questions to expect
  • How to approach the interview and present the right information

Link to audio: What You Need to Know to Get an Information Technology Job


A while back, Peggy and I generated a video discussing proper format for resumes, too. 

Link to video: Formatting Your Resume to Be Read!


Peggy’s Web site dedicated to helping job seekers find and get the jobs they want.  Career Confidential coaches job seekers through every stage in the job search and interview process, from resumes to interviews to follow up.  It specializes in providing job seekers with powerful and customizable tools and techniques through blog articles, training videos, templates, and Webinars.

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Compassionate HR podcast with Margo Rose

MargoToday I had the opportunity to be a part of Margo Rose’s Compassionate HR program.  She has periodic podcasts focused on helping job seekers, business owners, and recruiters.  The recorded episode is available on her BlogTalkRadio channel–click this link and scroll to the 12/8/2011 timeframe in the index to find my podcast.

We covered topics such as:

  • How I got into recruiting.
  • How the economy has effected the industry.
  • What job seekers can learn from recruiters.
  • What is the most appropriate way for job seekers to market themselves to recruiters in their industry.
  • Anticipated accomplishments in 2012, both professionally and personally (Margo is a cyclist and couldn’t help asking me about my cycling goals)

If you have a question stemming from the podcast, leave a comment on this blog, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

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Interview with Jeff: Daisy Wright’s Show ~ Discussing Working with Recruiters

I had a great opportunity to be on Daisy Wright‘s BlogTalkRadio Career Tips2Go Show this week along with Sarah Welstead (both in Canada!).  Sarah and I answered questions from callers that covered a lot of ground in the job search.

Link to the show:  All You Ever Wanted to Know About Recruiters, But Were Afraid to Ask.

Topics covered:

  • What makes a recruiter take notice of your resume.
  • Contacting a recruiter directly.
  • Managing your references and professional reputation.
  • Importance of “fit” with a company.
  • Dealing with a “hiccup” in your history during the interviewing process
  • Being honest and forthcoming with a recruiter to build a stronger relationship.
  • Checking backgrounds on candidates using Social Media.
  • Managing your Social Media brand.
  • Answering the “Tell Me About Yourself” Question
  • Making a recruiter your champion.
  • Approach to interviewing.

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Will I Find You in the Social Mediasphere?

So many job seekers tell me they are doing everything they can to find a job.  But when I ask them how much they’ve done to brand themselves using Social Media, I get a blank stare or a sigh.  Or I hear questions such as:

  • Isn’t that a waste of time? Or too much work?
  • Isn’t Social Media only useful for finding Web-related jobs?
  • Isn’t it just a fad?

Social Media is not a waste of time if you manage it carefully. It absolutely can used to find job, and more importantly, have the hiring team find YOU.  And this world evolves every day, constantly adding more ways to be leveraged.

Last week, I was interviewed by another recruiter on this subject. Stephen Hinton asked me all about Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  For those who are just starting out in branding themselves in Social Media, it may be a good starting point.

Listen to the interview.



twitter                 facebook                  linkedin

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An Interview with Jeff: Answering the Question "Why Should We Hire You?"

Recently, a career coach in Barcelona spoke with me about interviewing and the addressing the question, “Why Should We Hire You?”  Speaking with him reminded me how the process is very similar around the world and we all face similar challenges.  You can learn more about Sergi Mora by clicking this link.  You can also read his blog.

To listen to our discussion on topics covered below, click on this link.

Discussion topics during job interview

  • Types of qualifications to be ready to discuss in the interview
  • Unwritten qualifications
  • “Fit” with hiring company
  • Functional Requirements versus Soft Skill Requirements

Expectations of the interviewee in the interview process

  • Preparation and taking ownership of the interview
  • Creating the checklist of key items to discuss
  • How to leverage the checklist during the interview
  • Conveying your strong interest in the job
  • Direct answer to the question, “Why should we hire you?”

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Tele-Seminar Recording: Working with Recruiters

listening_earIf you’re a books-on-CD kind of person or don’t like reading through lengthy articles on your computer screen, I’ve got good news!  On July 15th, I was part of a two-person recruiter panel providing advice on “Working with Recruiters.”  A lot of good information was shared and all of it was recorded for your easy reference.

Here is the Intro to the Audio File for the tele-seminar moderated by Kristi Daeda of Career Adventure.

Some of the questions that were covered during the seminar include:

  • As an executive recruiter, what is your role in connecting candidates with potential employers?
  • For a typical job opening, how many candidates might you screen?  How many do you present?
  • What criteria do you use to select candidates to present to a client? 
  • What do successful candidates do that makes them more attractive to present to the client?
  • How often would you want to hear from a candidate?
  • After a candidate is selected to be presented, what are your expectations of them? 
  • How can a candidate find an appropriate recruiter to contact?

Also, I was fortunate to have a brand new friend on Twitter, @teenarose, simultaneously tweeting some of my quips.  Here’s the “Tweeted version” of some of the insights she shared:

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states he leverages all info on candidates; i.e. resume, LinkedIn, social media

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states spend time w/recruiter who want to invest time in you; build solid relationships

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states F/U w/recruiters if something changes; i.e. your skill set. @jlipschultz provides great advice!

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states “do your homework”; you never know when you’ll be called to the mat

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states qualify recruiter based on word of mouth and their actions; use social media/learn about them

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states qualify recruiter by asking about relationship w/the target company you’re interested in

Successful Interviewing: What A-List Candidates Need to Know by @jlipschultz, recruiter #freebook

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