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Tele-Seminar Recording: Working with Recruiters

listening_earIf you’re a books-on-CD kind of person or don’t like reading through lengthy articles on your computer screen, I’ve got good news!  On July 15th, I was part of a two-person recruiter panel providing advice on “Working with Recruiters.”  A lot of good information was shared and all of it was recorded for your easy reference.

Here is the Intro to the Audio File for the tele-seminar moderated by Kristi Daeda of Career Adventure.

Some of the questions that were covered during the seminar include:

  • As an executive recruiter, what is your role in connecting candidates with potential employers?
  • For a typical job opening, how many candidates might you screen?  How many do you present?
  • What criteria do you use to select candidates to present to a client? 
  • What do successful candidates do that makes them more attractive to present to the client?
  • How often would you want to hear from a candidate?
  • After a candidate is selected to be presented, what are your expectations of them? 
  • How can a candidate find an appropriate recruiter to contact?

Also, I was fortunate to have a brand new friend on Twitter, @teenarose, simultaneously tweeting some of my quips.  Here’s the “Tweeted version” of some of the insights she shared:

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states he leverages all info on candidates; i.e. resume, LinkedIn, social media

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states spend time w/recruiter who want to invest time in you; build solid relationships

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states F/U w/recruiters if something changes; i.e. your skill set. @jlipschultz provides great advice!

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states “do your homework”; you never know when you’ll be called to the mat

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states qualify recruiter based on word of mouth and their actions; use social media/learn about them

Teleseminar: @jlipschultz states qualify recruiter by asking about relationship w/the target company you’re interested in

Successful Interviewing: What A-List Candidates Need to Know by @jlipschultz, recruiter #freebook


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