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The latest edition of this journal was guest edited by the Editor of, Susan Joyce.  So naturally, she asked me to be a contributor, along with a large slate of experts in job search.  Access to the Journal is free to you below.  Enjoy.

Journal:  Volume 32, Number 2 Social Recruiting, Personal SEO, and Personal Online Reputation Management

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Common Misconceptions about Working with Agency Recruiters

In this article written for, I cover five popular misconceptions about working with agency recruiters.  The article also references several links that may be helpful in understanding how this process works and what to expect.  These misconceptions include:

  • Recruiters will find me a job.
  • All recruiters are the same.
  • Recruiters are career counselors.
  • Apply for all the jobs the recruiter has listed.
  • All I need is a simple LinkedIn profile and the recruiters will be banging on my door.

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter before, this article is a “must read.”

Article: Working with Agency Recruiters

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Compassionate HR podcast with Margo Rose

MargoToday I had the opportunity to be a part of Margo Rose’s Compassionate HR program.  She has periodic podcasts focused on helping job seekers, business owners, and recruiters.  The recorded episode is available on her BlogTalkRadio channel–click this link and scroll to the 12/8/2011 timeframe in the index to find my podcast.

We covered topics such as:

  • How I got into recruiting.
  • How the economy has effected the industry.
  • What job seekers can learn from recruiters.
  • What is the most appropriate way for job seekers to market themselves to recruiters in their industry.
  • Anticipated accomplishments in 2012, both professionally and personally (Margo is a cyclist and couldn’t help asking me about my cycling goals)

If you have a question stemming from the podcast, leave a comment on this blog, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

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Join us at TRU USA Un-Conference in Madison WI

Have you heard of the latest in conference methodology?  The UnConference.  It’s pretty cool.  Any industry can do it. 

Simply get a bunch of smart people in one conference center, mix in great topics that are pertinent to their industry, add a few subject matter experts to moderate discussions, and off you go.

Not hours of formal presentations and PowerPoint slides.  We all know, the real exchanges happen during conference breaks in the hallways.  The UnConference formula feeds on this.

My business partner, Craig Fisher (@fishdogs) and I will be leading a few tracks during the TRU USA Unconference being held in Madison WI (down the street from my alma mater!) on April 19-20th.  This unconference is focused on the employment/recruiting industry.  Here’s a look at the tracks already being planned:  Tracks.

And the good news is:

I get to give away a free ticket to the conference.

The first person to email me they want it, gets it. On your mark, get set, go unconference!


Supporters include:

Pinstripe Talent

Brave New Talent

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