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The Cost of a Bad, Biased, or Rushed Hiring Decision with Jeff Lipschultz


Formatting Your Resume to Be Read!

Chronological vs. Functional.  Objective vs. Summary Statement.  Paragraphs vs. Bullets.  Although debates will always rage on regarding the ideal resume format, I can tell you what I like to see (and my clients).  Fellow recruiter Peggy McKee and I discuss these topics in a video recently produced by her recruiting firm.  


 Momentum in the Job Search

Job Seekers:  Momentum is your friend!  Don’t lose it!


Recruiters Can Be a Job Seeker’s Best Friend

We all know how much effort it takes to find the perfect job.  It requires planning, tenacity, strategy, and plenty of resources.  As you take command of this endeavor, keep in mind, as a job seeker you have plenty of places to turn for assistance. 

An ideal group of people where you can find assistance is recruiters. Although you might have mixed reviews or experiences with this bunch, there are thousands of good ones out there.

This blog post comes in the form of another article I’ve written for  It outlines the key advantages of leveraging recruiters in your job search.  Click on this link to read it, and as always, feel free to leave comments below.

More information on working with recruitersRecruiting Your Recruiter in the Job Search


First Impressions Last?

We all know the value of making a great first impression.  What should you do when you make a BAD first impression?

Read up on how to recover from a bad first impression and the importance of the LAST impression.  The details are in my first article for Job-Hunt, a great online source for job seekers.

After you read the article, I bet you will have stories of your own to share.  Please comment using this blog post. I would love to read them.


A Story about a Man and the Internet

Go to this poll to vote!  It’s the April 2009 poll.


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