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A-List Solutions is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm providing permanent and contract placement services for management and IT positions. A-List Solutions also offers employer brand consulting to attract top talent using the latest strategies including advanced social media and web 2.0 techniques. Company experts also work with talented candidates on marketing themselves through proactive career branding.


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“I can’t say enough good things about Jeff’s ability to do exactly what he says he can do: find a good match between available positions and the best people to fill them. Especially in the current economic climate, it’s hard to find the best opportunities and get your foot in the door, but Jeff got it done for me. Through the entire process, I never once worried that my interests weren’t being taken into account, nor did I feel like I didn’t have a real chance at finding a good position that would both satisfy my needs and provide a challenging future. If there’s a match out there for you, I have confidence that Jeff can find it.”

Scott Elfstrom, Front End Developer, hired Jeff as a Recruiter in 2009


“Jeff has everything that you could hope for in a talent partner: an extensive background in business and management, keen insight on talent and determining organizational fit, stellar communication and relationship building skills and genuine interest in delivering results. His approach to recruiting hinges not only on a deep understanding of his client as a unique organization with unique needs, but also on a thorough vetting of candidates, as well as extensive preparation, to ensure that he is producing the A List talent that his company promises. I would recommend Jeff to any organization looking for a resource to connect with top talent in IT, technical and management roles.”

Kristi Daeda, PHR, Success Coach, Twin Sparks Consulting, partnered with Jeff as a Recruiter in 2009


“I’m usually pretty unhappy with agents, and you probably know what I mean: Agents are people you’re forced to deal with so you can buy a house or find a new job. Too many times, though, they don’t seem to do, well… anything. They take their fee, of course, but it rarely seems as though they provide any real value as a middleman. Jeff is a staffing agent, and he does all the things you might expect a recruiter to do: He learns a little about you, he checks to see if you’re a good fit, and he submits your name to potential employers if you seem right for them. To be honest, that’s about all I expected out of our engagement. He had the goods, I wanted in, so I had to go through him to get there. But then we started talking about my work experience and my goals. He reviewed my resume and made suggestions. We talked (for almost two hours!) about how to conduct an effective interview. He had me make up a checklist to use during the interview. He showed me how to take charge of the discussion. He had me read his ebook on effective interviewing tactics… And I began to wonder, Just who the heck is this guy? I mean, it’s not like I didn’t already know all about this stuff. Did I really need this kind of help? Maybe. Maybe I did. I got the job and I followed all his suggestions, so maybe it worked. But here’s the thing I want you to remember: Jeff became my partner. He worked with me and he helped me do something I may not have been able to do on my own. All that talk about goals and checklists and interviews was really just his way of investing in me. That’s a personal quality I secretly hope for and, frankly, almost never get in the service industry. And, although it’s not at all what I expected, I’m pleased to report that that’s exactly what I got.”

Kevin Mattice
hired Jeff as a Recruiter in 2009


“Right as I was about to start looking for a new opportunity, Jeff happened to contact me — and almost two weeks later, I had a new job at a company that is a perfect position for me. He is incredibly good at reading people and being able to find just the right fit (both for them, and for the company he is placing them in). I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone that can do more than just fire a ton of resumes out — he is highly selective, and highly targeted, but that attention to detail and concern for personality is what makes him so effective.”

Jeffrey Berthiaume
hired Jeff as a Recruiter in 2009


“Jeff’s made my short list of good recruiters, far and away. He’s a consummate professional, very thorough, and great at maintaining relationships. I never had to worry about how well he was representing me, and he always kept me informed of the status of the process. I’d recommend him without reservation.”

John Chamberlain
hired Jeff as a Recruiter in 2008


“Jeff was very easy to talk to and offered valuable insight into the company and the people that I would be working with.”

John Phillips
hired Jeff as a Recruiter in 2008


“We employed Jeff and his team to fill two key roles in our organization. He presented us with well qualified candidates and we were able to fill the two positions quickly. Jeff followed through on all our requests and did a particularly good job in helping candidates understand our company and culture. We all enjoyed working with him and were greatly appreciative of his efforts to work around our schedules and coordinate and manage meetings right up to the last minute. We will certainly use A-List again at the next opportunity.”

Ken Heymann
hired Jeff as a Recruiter in 2008 more than once

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