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A Recruiter’s Poem: Bad Drivers, Bad Managers

While I was recently moving along in my car,

I realized bad drivers and bad managers set the same bar.

Both have things in common that are easy to see,

Read this poem to see if you agree.


Bad drivers are constant lane changers,

Inciting all kinds of dangers.

As are some hiring managers who don’t know who to hire,

Who bring in candidates who they later must fire.


Bad drivers are poor at following the road rules,

They do their own thing and think us all fools.

Some managers skirt hiring policy with strong defiance,

Making the selection process more an art than a science.


Bad drivers step on the gas when the green turns bright,

Only to slam down the brake when they reach the next light.

Bad managers often state they need to hire right away,

But once into the process, making the candidates wait appears OK.


The worst drivers act like they are the only one there.

They make their maneuvers with absolutely no care.

Hiring managers can act similarly it would seem,

They need to know they can work with a team.


So as you drive down the road or want to hire a new star,

It matters not if you are in an office or car.

You need to throw all the bad habits away,

Be a good manager AND driver starting today.


September 17, 2009 Posted by | General Musings, Management 101 | 7 Comments